The MELAG product configurator


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The MELAG product configurator

Compile your MELAG products

This configurator provides an overview of the MELAG product range and leads you to further pages with detailed product information. Use the configurator to produce a bespoke configuration of MELAG products and calculate (non-binding) combination prices.

Add a product to your wish list. Please note: the configurator does not perform a plausibility check. You can save your configuration; the system will generate a code. Send this code to your stockist who will provide a quote.

Authorized stockists can login to the configurator via the MELAG website to edit a quote. The stockist will use the code submitted to copy information from your customer account and make an individualized quote.

Have fun!


Start configuration with a package


Start a configuration with Careclave


Start a configuration with an autoclave


Start a configuration with a MELAtherm


Configure MELAtherm accessories


Select the product

Display the selected products

Save the product selection

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